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Wind generators to produce electricity in N Kazakhstan

ASTANA. October 7, 2012, 11:37 (05:37 GMT).
The village Novonikolskoe, Kyzylzhar district of North Kazakhstan region bought wind generators, correspondent reports.

"We bought wind generators. Their use is common in Europe. "Zenchenko and Co", is the first in the region, has decided to adopt this experience. Two constructions of 54 meters in height and weighing 74 tons were delivered from Germany," the executive director of "Zenchenko and Co" LLP Gennady Zenchenko said.

According to the businessman, the cost of the project amounts to more than €1 million.

"The device operates when the wind is two meters per second, such wind is usual in our region. We are waiting for an expert from Germany, who will conduct the second stage, that is, run installations. Station will be pumped power into the network. The company will always be provided with energy " Zenchenko said.


ASTANA. October 7, 2012, 11:37 (05:37 GMT). Open the news
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